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As you know, I cut hair as a hobby and I enjoy it. I enjoy keepin y’all in step with the fresh. I’ve been at it a year and a half now and it’s really picked up. I am an artist first and foremost, as its my career, and it’s been difficult juggling both so I’ve decided to try something out during the summer season.

All cuts will be done:

Thursday 1-7pm
Friday 11-6pm

The standard 20 donation is acceptable. No cash, no cut. No “I’ll get you next time”. The order is first come, first serve and I’ll try getting y’all each week.

Be aware and make note of the times..

Cuts in July:

Thursday July 18 1pm – 7pm

Friday July 19 11am – 6pm

Thursday July 25 11am – 7pm

No cuts Friday July 26

Wednesday July 31 11am – 7pm

***I am away Thursday, Aug 1st until Saturday September 7th.


Please take note. Any other changes, if need be, will be posted here.

Thank you and see y’all soon.

More Or Less Project

People; friends and strangers, please stay tuned to RichBeyondBills as it redirects to More Or Less Project in April. I will be continuing my blog on this site as I launch a year long performance art piece based on an idea I had over a de3cade ago while in a class in college. Already, word has been spreading as to the magnitude of this project. In some people’s eyes it is a simple exercise and project and yet in other people’s views, it is a task that many would not or could not undertake. I ask that you bookmark the site, follow the journey and be prepared for a honest look into an age old question; are we more with less?

So, my lovely online world, we will meet again at the launch of MOLP and you will be able to follow along on Twitter (@MoreOrLessPRJCT) and through the beautiful site being created as we speak. It will host a video, a blog, a page or two of info and a few other features. I am certain this project will shape my life, my art, my thoughts and my world as a whole. Looking forward to sharing it with you!

X’s and O’s people! Respect.



There’s Enough for Everyone.

Well, it surely is 2012 and the break from my blog was well deserved and wonderful. I must say, however, in loo of the break I have stillĀ  been keeping up with the inner growth, which remains vastly undocumented. I am well into conversing in real time and sharing person to person over these last many weeks and months. In fact, it has done remarkable things to this sphere I call life. What an unbelievable journey through 2011 it was!

I spent over 10000km on my Harley.

I spent the entire year sober from alcohol and drugs (still going, because it’s slightly amazing and ridiculously challenging).

I reconnected with the once love of my life.

I met many new, amazing individuals whom I now call friends.

I got a ton of ink!

I went through as much change as a Blaskin & Lane’s tire shop in the fall season and I am still still on that path!

So, thank you for your patience. This year I am looking to continue growing in my art, working along side some amazing new and repeat clients, as well as launch a new solo project in April. Stay tuned for that!

This morning I woke up and not so shortly after, tweeted: No one is gonna steal your thunder. Your own insecurities, fear, greed and pride will do that just fine. Just a short while afterward, I added: Give a little more today. There’s enough for everyone.

The premise of my Tweets were simple; in looking at the world at large, which we often only have a limited view of, it has become clear to me that we regularly get defensive of our positions. Whether that position is of noble worth or less than desirable, we have earned it, or so we understand. We greatly protect our positions, and thereto our egos, from all sorts of pain by sometimes casting blame, ignoring truths and generally making our kingdom seem the greatest. Sadly, this protective stance can only help for so long. In fact, while we are out protecting our built up positions, we are missing out on developing them even more, with greater influence and more growth.

Maintaining one’s position amidst an ever growing, ever changing world becomes increasingly difficult. Heck, we need our thrones, right? We need to be at the center stage, recognized for all we’ve accomplished and put in, all of our hard work and our valiant efforts. We need it! We need it to be who we are! Or do we? Do we really need all that we protect; our image, our accolades, our rights? It seems as though the most humble of people walk in peace while the most strong characters strive and strive without ceasing. This is played out marvelously in one of Guy Ritchie’s greatest works, Revolver. It is a regular rotation in my player and often I get something new from each viewing.

The reason I am writing on thunder and therefore, there being enough for everyone, is that I am finding it an aroma in my life. Like a scent permeates the air around you in a kitchen with either a pleasant smell of something freshly baked, or one of stench emitting from a rotten compost or garbage, so too are the aromas of our interior lives. The fresh, lovely scent attracts like-hearted, like-minded individuals. Never perfect, their presence around one another only helps to build and challenge their growth, if they remain open and willing. It’s a promising plateau and one that seems most desirable. Likewise, the stench that can flood a space from someone’s life is also noticeable, though can be concealed ever so wonderfully by accolades, awards, beauty and many other things. In the end, our beauty comes not from our praise worthy triumphs and remarkable skin tone, features and shape, but more so from character, purity of heart and the desire to ever surpass the ego and its knotted sense of life.

Like a thorn pulled from the side of one’s body, deeply gouged in the flesh, is the ego’s sense of removal. It’s pride. It’s selfishness. It’s self pity. It’s greed. It’s deceit. It’s removal is the most god-awful feeling and that is why so many would rather choose a life of striving, of ceasing, of constant facades, cover-ups and comfort than one of challenge, change, growth and vulnerability. No one wins who chooses the humble road, we are told. No one comes out on top who puts another before himself. No one will receive just reward who puts love at its highest spot. No, no person will arrive a winner who does put themselves first. What lies we have learned, what lies we have bought into and what non-truths have been esteemed and built our society, culture and families upon! The very fabric of our lives exist to worship, but of who or what we worship, we are so misconstrued. Pride comes before the fall and even after the fall, pain will keep the ego well preserved. It is a growing concern to me to see more and more static and distraction ruin our clarity as it lessens with each poor choice.

I have no idea where this year will take me or where this learning will leave me. To be quite frank, I am just opening up to something deep within myself. Daily the common, the comfortable, the habitual and the known remind me of who I am, who I once was and what I am to do. The soft, faint sound of that whisper that is calling me to something more, is all that I want to hear. There is some peace in that sound. I once feared that sound and chose instead to drown in out with all I could.

That I may be called into the unknown where surely I will lose all comfort and instead gain true peace, in You; I would rather those steps than ones which lead cyclically about in a haze of mindlessness or pride.

That is all for tonight and maybe enough for a week or so. I must reflect. That’s a heavy.


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Taking a break

When your cup is full, you can pour out. When your cup is empty, you need to fill up.

I have enjoyed a great year. I have seen more positive changes in my life than many years previous. I have come to understand in just the last little while that rest is needed and over the course of the next while I will be removing myself from WordPress and my blog. I will kick back up in the new year sometime after January, most likely February 1st.

As for my artwork, I will also be taking a break. As of December 20th until the end of January I will not be taking on any more work. Please make note of this. I will be on vacation.

I want to thank everyone for their love, support and commitment to my writing, art and life, in general.

See you all in the new year and I hope for everyone a great holiday season.

With love, TKB.

iF Series

It’s often funny how on any given day we can be confronted with emotions that bring both exciting exhilaration and honest sadness to our lives. In fact, today I experienced one of the most amazing days in that full spectrum. I spoke earlier in the day at the iF Series held by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce at the University of Calgary’s MacEwan Hall. The audience was great. The presentations by myself and other wonderful minds were uplifting, encouraging, informative and inspiring. I was moved by the other speakers and encouraged as I spoke and shared by iF question. It amazed me how natural the process was and how true it was to who I am. I also received news tonight of a friend’s current hardships. Full spectrum, I guess.

I want to thank you, at the Chamber, for allowing me to speak and for the platform to share my story. And friend, I want to thank you for allowing me to listen and be there.

Thank you.

For you all who read this blog or pass by this post, please take a moment to check iF out and begin your own dialog of asking yourself, others and your community these questions…

Primary & Secondary




When translated may actually read




For anger is but a secondary emotion rooted in a primary.


is a primary emotion, where as


is not.

The former is essential and the latter,

in its primary,

is often present when the first is not.


they say,

is of the utmost importance.



often follows in its fallen shadow.

I do not


to feel


and do not wish to feel


No, instead I would desire to know




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